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Thursday, December 09, 2004
  Well working on my paper has turned out to be more difficult than I thought to begin with. First, it is almost impossible to find newspapers that are dated later than 1991. I could not find Miami Herald so I changed to Miami Times and am now only doing commentary and editorial pieces written about the Mariel Cubans from 1991 to present. I started by typing Castro into the search for the paper on Proquest because any article having to do with them would contain the name Castro considering that he was a keynote player in the drama.
I tried searching under cuban immigrant (s) and couldn't find anything so I searched under Cuban and a lot of the articles that came up were the same ones I found when simply typing in Castro.
I have to make sure when I analyze these articles that I look for the right wording. I don't think that it is possible for me to know until I read everything and see what kind of trends are happening.
Monday, January 26, 2004
  My comments on Codes of online sexuality: celebrity, gender and marketing on the web by Jacqueline Lambiase.
The findings from this study go along with what I figured they would be, which is that "female musicians are more likely than other celebrities to be represented by sexualized images, and that all types of female celebrities are sexualized more than males. I did find it interesting that the fansites are setting the bar for official sites in how the celebrities are viewed.
One thing that I thought about as I read it was that the internet allows speed for receiving images that may not normally be shown in other media such as the paris hilton sex tape. It gives people more access to things like this.
The percentages that are given such as the 40% of female models in magazines being depicted in suggestive clothing or partialy clad or nude seemed low to me because when I view the internet or magazines it seems that most of them are, but maybe it is because these magazines are focused on younger audiences. If the magazines such as home and garden or wired are taken into account then it would be lower, but i do remember a specific cover of wired magazine that had a woman adorned in diamonds, and that's all. So even this magazine falls prey to using sexual images every now and then i suppose.
It also figured that sex was the most searched term. I agreed with those that were taken out of the data set because of the fact that they aren't involved in entertainment.
The coding seemed thorough even though as is discussed later in the article some of what is considered sexy online was coded as demure.
I found it amusing that we go from shakira to martha stewart on page 66. I mean what were we expecting to see, Martha in pasties? =)
or Al Roker in a thong?
One finding was that "no official or fan sites for maile celebrities offered photographs organized using the conventions of pornographic web display."
Also, the two girls that are specifically for younger audiences were shown as "tied", and i am wondering what this is supposed to be saying. They are using what sells for the most part though. Feeding and promoting an unattainable image for young girls (since that's who mostly buys the stuff) to strive for.
It seemed funny that certain websites will tag a photo as sexy although there isn't skin being shown or it doesn't meet the coding guidelines for this particlar research. I think this plays on certain looks, or the essence of a person as being sexy rather than pure skin.
I found the Martha Stewart fansite information amusing. It makes me want to see it because it takes a woman who is viewed as ultra conservative and makes her into all sorts of things.  
Tuesday, November 25, 2003
  Okay...well i have restarted my project. I believe that there is enough time to get it all done. I have the books checked out that i need in order to have a good source page...i hope. I think that my blog will have a lot of posts this next couple of days as i get into my project (except maybe thanksgiving). 
Sunday, November 16, 2003
  All I have to say is YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I started my project by saving the webpages for the in the morning at 630am and one in the evening around 6 pm. I had been saving the pages as well as the print versions. All are to become trash. It seems that when I try to open the web pages that i saved on particular days at particular times it opens AOL and takes me to the current DMN Time to start the project all over again. YAY! 
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
  I figure that although this is a blog for class that I may follow the example of a certain someone in class and have a little personal section. So, here it goes.
*personal section*
This semester has been drowned in illness. If not me then my boyfriend or great-grandmother. It all seems to happen at the same time. Hope that next semester will be easier.
Last night or rather this morning at 4 AM I had to take my boyfriend to the ER because he was breathing strange, and had a fever of 103.8. We were at the hospital for 4 hours while he was hooked up to oxygen, and IV's. He got two shots in the bum, but was cracking jokes the whole time, and apologizing for the inconvienence. How sweet is that? I made sure that he knew that I was going to take care of him like he did for me when I was sick over the last few weeks. I either had a cold, or reactions to nitroglycerine, or some other medication I have been put on, and he has been there to take care of me.
I also found out today that my great-grandmother died, and it is always hard when my stepmom (who i am very close to) cries on the phone. It is always strange when someone that you see as so strong gets so upset.
So much of a pity party for me. Moving on.

*Class Stuff*
I am hoping that my paper proposal was done correctly. I was a bit confused about the corpus area. I think that I was trying to make it more complicated than it really is. Doing the proposal though has helped me find my focus, and see where the foggy areas are in my paper. I think that I may now narrow my focus for my paper some more, and take out the design aspect of it, but the design aspect may be something very interesting in the long run. I will have to see once it starts rolling more how it ends up going.
Wednesday, October 22, 2003
  They are hard to see, but there are three links in the previous post 
  I've been pretty sick and having some medical problems so I have not been able to blog as much as I would like, but hopefully I will be able to catch up now that I have the correct medicine. link this is a link to an editorial that I talked about earlier that compares web writing to print.
From visiting various news sites and comparing them to newspapers I have noticed that the news sites use TONS of links. They are almost confusing, but it makes it easier if you click on the specific category. The writing for these sites is very inverted pyramid. The articles are quite a bit shorter and this is addressed on a particular website that quotes a researcher named Nielson link I found an intro for a paper that is on my topic. The entire paper is not online, just the intro and idea, which happens to be exactly what I was thinking of doing. Does this mean that I probably shouldn't do this topic? I hope not since I have found a lot of resources already.
This link is in reference to a study done with college students that says that "People get more 'top' news in print than by computer, study shows" link
I think this is interesting because it has to do with what topics are covered online vs in print. I personally signed up for AOL's news topics and I wanted business and world news. The stories that still tend to pop up are entertainment and sensational stories. It seems that those types of stories are what online users want to read. According to a handout that Dr. Kim gave in Theories newspapers should not be effected by online news. That they should simply learn to adapt, and that seems to be what is happening. The hand out is one reference that I will use for the hard copy of my paper. opppppppppppppppp <---that's from my kitty cat =) 
Sunday, October 19, 2003
  Well I've done some research on salaries and it is hard to find an exact salary for web writers, but I did find an interesting website that listed some editors salaries ect. Now I would like to find out how much regular editors make. click here
I hope that i find more of a focus for my paper. I want to include salaries but if i can't find enough info then I will just stick to how the format of webwriting is different than print writing. That's probably easiest anyways.
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